2022 Christmas Sessions

This year we will be doing a special indoor studio Christmas Session. You have some choices and you can customize your theme for what we will have for settings!

The Date will be November 6th starting at 8a and going as long as we have too!

The Scenes will be set for you and you cordinate how you would like to do them with the concept sample below:

Setting A: will be simple with a couch and simple Christmas theme (Mini Session)

Setting B: will be a dark look called the night before Christmas (Mini Session)

Setting C: this is a fun photo that we will photograph your children and place them on a cookie board for one final photo (Super Mini Session)

Setting D: this will be the most exciting scene we are featuring! I believe no one else in our area is doing this! They are doing Santa, we will not be. There will be one white box that you can cordinate 4-6 boxes with how you want to do the scene. You can be a little overachiever and have 8 or 12 boxes or create a Christmas Tree collage. We encourage you to bring your own holiday props to fill the boxes, dress up how you like according to your theme desire, create your very one photo collage that can feature a message in the middle! And addition to this Christmas box theme, you can have Christmas Cards made from our template, order dirrectly thru us and we will get you the final product! You will receive one digital collage of final edit. (up to 30min)

This will be a built white box where you can decorate it by your own poses or scenes.  Each box will be photographed each change creating a collage for the final template.  The box detentions are TBD but should replicate what you see in the example for space.


You will receive the best of the digital photos from the session A & B.

Here are the steps to booking your Session:

1) Decide how much you want to do for your session and how much you wish to purchase

2) Select the proper timeframe for your session (we will have 2 photographers to accommodate one at the box and another to do all the scenes)

3) Send your payment via venmo @pauldmanke74 or send a check to the address below. Payments to the pauldmankephotography via venmo will be refunded immediately.  You must use the one given, please.  Once you have paid, you will get to select your time slot via the calendar invite for signing up. There will be seperate time slots for Christmas box because it will take a little longer to do each box that you wish and a time slot for those who wish to not do the box.

Time slots will start at 8a and will be on the 15's for the mini sessions. The Christmas Box will be coordinated by me based on your times lot to make sure there will not be any waiting around. IF you are only signing up for Christmas box you will be slotted based on start time requested by you which open times will be given to you. Each time slot is only good per household. 

This will be giving to you in the order of which you are paid.  The date for sign up will be announced later in Sept.  For those who pay first will get in the order in which you are paid, meaning that you will fall in line with the order of which, and once you get the calendar invite to sign up you will have 24 hours to sign up to be given to the next person to get signed up and so forth.  This will be opened to the public on Oct 1st at that time it will be completely open once paid to sign up right away. The goal is to have 30 session booked.  Min 20 bookings to make this successful! You can invite other families to get on this! 

Props you are encourage to bring your own props for the Christmas Box.  I have little to share which will be there to add if you wish.  I do not have an inventory of what they are but you are welcome to add those to this.  I will provide a mini Christmas Tree for the box, I have various of string lights that you can use, and other random items.

Loyalty Package is not part of this event.  However, will offer to you $25 off your package that you chose.

Christmas Card Purchase will be limited on what choices you will have based on the template.  We will share what those look like closer to the event.  You have the option to have smaller boxes used for the Christmas card and still get the max for the print. You can add more cards to the order which the cost will be pasted onto you, there is not negotiation to the cost of the cards. They will be set.

This event will feature a Santa Pack for each Child attending, snacks, hot coco, Christmas Music, and some Christmas Fun!!!

Thank you for following along this far.  Please keep this part simple, because it is meant to be easy but maybe a little confusing if you read too quickly!

Pick your package price:

$300 gives you the entire experience, up to 12 boxes in the Christmas box 60min session plus final edit 8x10 print of cookie sheet and box collage with $50 print vouchers plus Christmas Card voucher for 25 card starter (you can buy more)

$200 gives you the entire experience, up to 6 boxes, 45min session plus final edit 8x10 print of cookie sheet and box collage 
 (Christmas Box, both minis, and super mini)

$150 gives you 30min session digital deliver only (2 minis and Super mini) or (up to 12 boxes on Christmas Box Session) Or (Christmas Box up to 6 boxes, one mini, super mini)

$100 gives you a 15 min session digital deliver only(one Mini and cookie sheet) or (Christmas Box up to 6 boxes for 30min)

Disclaimer: Payment before scheduling is important to secure the location we are renting, covering cost of scenes, edits, and photography. We will need a minimum amount of bookings to make this event happen! We appreciate your continued support of our photography!

115 E Walnut St, 709, GB WI 54301


Concept of the photo stationsThese are not my photos. However we will be replicating this pretty closely.