Paul D Manke Photography: Blog en-us (C) Paul D Manke Photography (Paul D Manke Photography) Mon, 12 Feb 2024 20:19:00 GMT Mon, 12 Feb 2024 20:19:00 GMT Why take advantage of a complimentary engagement session Take advantage of the complimentary Engagement Session

 I believe that an engagement session is a crucial and complimentary component of our wedding packages, as it serves as a valuable opportunity for you and your partner to familiarize yourselves with my photography style and approach. By offering a free engagement session, my goal is to establish a genuine and comfortable connection between us, ensuring that you feel at ease in front of the camera. During the session, I focus on guiding rather than posing, allowing you both to showcase your unique personalities and interactions authentically. This experience not only helps us capture beautiful and natural moments but also provides insight into your preferences, enabling me to tailor my approach to your specific vision for the wedding day. By eliminating any unfamiliarity through this process, we create a foundation of trust and collaboration, ensuring that you are well-prepared and excited for the photography aspect of your wedding day.

You engagement session can be a short 30 min session, a traditional one hour session, or longer if you would like to make it extraordinary! You have choices to go wherever you wish to go! Do you like the City Look or Natural setting! You can choose both! Check out my engagement session portfolio to get inspired:

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Fall SessionEngagement SessionWhether in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Short-get-to know each other session or traditional hour. Natural location, city look, or whatever you envision.

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Starting your search for a Wedding Photographer  

Why a Phone and Face To Face Consultation are Important:

After you have narrowed your favorite Wedding photographers, sent out a Wedding Request to let me know and others you are interested in Wedding Photography services (link below), anticipate the best way to get the most out of your wedding day questions as you start your planning is with a phone or face to face consultation.  I have explained why this is important to consider either option or better yet, both!

  • As you begin on the journey of planning your dream wedding, I am eager to connect with you and ensure that every detail aligns with your vision. A phone conversation offers an ideal platform to discuss your specific desires for photography coverage, allowing me to tailor my services to perfectly capture the essence of your special day. We will collaborate on timeline coverage based on ceremony time and dinner time. Whether you are wanting early morning coverage or sunset send off added in.  Where are will the ceremony and reception be held along with bridal party and guest numbers. Plus get an idea if are having a small, intimate wedding or grand celebration. We can delve into the intricacies of your budget, ensuring that we craft a package that not only meets your financial considerations but also exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and value. Moreover, this conversation provides an opportunity for me to outline in detail what is included in our wedding packages, ensuring transparency and clarity in our collaboration.
  • Equally important is the prospect of meeting face-to-face, as I will be the primary presence accompanying you throughout your wedding day. Building a personal connection and understanding your preferences firsthand is crucial for me to deliver a service that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. We have more time to get into the details of the wedding day over some coffee in a relaxed setting.  Providing visuals in a wedding album that shares what we can put together for you along with the beautiful quality that you expect from your photographer. In addition, we can go over the contract so that if you have any questions of what is laid out I can answer them in person.  Our way to ensure that all points are transparent and confident that we cover all questions, exceptions, and how the process will be handled.  I believe that a meeting will instill confidence in you, offering the assurance that you have chosen the right photographer to document the most important moments of your life. I look forward to the opportunity to connect and collaborate on creating timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

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City or Natural LookEngagement SessionWedding Story Starts with Engagement Session

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Making the Most of your wedding day experience Three Key Benefits of hiring Paul D Manke Photography

  1. Let's Make Your Day a Stress-Free Delight: Hey there! I want your wedding day to be nothing short of a fairy tale, where you can enjoy every moment without a hint of stress. With my 25 years of experience, I'm here to take care of the photography details. You focus on the joy, the laughter, and the love, and I'll make sure those magical moments are captured effortlessly. Think of me as your stress-free ally, turning your wedding into a dreamy experience, not a to-do list.

  2. Picture-Perfect Moments, Just for You: Would you love to have beautiful photos without the awkwardness of forced poses. I'm here to guide you and your loved ones, making sure everyone looks amazing and the group shots are a breeze. No need to worry about stiff smiles – my goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where genuine emotions shine through. Capturing the candid laughter to heartfelt vows, I'm all about capturing those special moments that tell your unique story. So, get ready for effortlessly arranged, picture-perfect memories.

  3. Let's Add 25 Years of Wedding Wisdom to Your Day: Your wedding deserves the touch of experience from small, intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, I've been there and done that. My keen eye for the perfect shot, experience in anticipating the next emotion,  coupled with a wealth of knowledge about different locations and lighting scenarios, ensures that your wedding photos are not just snapshots but a work of art.  Let's make your day visually stunning and an enjoyable experience. Trust in my insights and recommendations to make your wedding day stress-free, no forced poses, effortless planning to create the best experience for the both of you – it's what I do best!

Contact me today about your 2024 Wedding date! 920-366-3512 or [email protected]

Submit your request:

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Elegant and BoldBeautifully Captured Perfect 24x30 Image to display in your living space to remind you of a beautiful wedding day!


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Black & White Engagement Session Black & White Photography


The style of photography I choose is what you see in my portfolio.  A style that seems to have the same look.  One that you would hope to see in publications. There is several different styles that wedding photographers tend to lean towards which are the following four that I picked:

1) Light & Airy

2)Dark &/or dramatic 

3) A style that is mostly driven by filters

4) Heavy use of external lighting

There is many variations of these four that I picked but they tend to be the trend I see over social media. I believe that each and every session, client choice, and mood that fits the situation can choose which one I would like to tell the story with. Yes, I can photograph light & airy, if the lighting and situation lends to it.  I love dramatic and I love using natural lighting as much as possible. No way is the wrong way, it is personal preference.  And some might say pick one and stick to it.  Like I said, it all depends on the season, lighting, or even mood.

(Continued after photos)

Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI Engagement SessionPaul D Manke PhotographyLake Park, Milwaukee WI

Black & white in my opinion goes well with almost any situation.  And depending on the lighting it can be dramatic or light & airy.  I love black & white simply because it is timeless.  While editing in black & white, you get more emphasis is the light and darks being isolated to have your eyes draw more into the subject, in this case, my engagement couple and not get lost in all the pre spring trees or grey skies.  Of course I give both options to my clients and as to social media to show the range that photography can provide for the look you would like to share.

I hope you like the black & white look.  It is timeless, artistic, and eye catching in so many ways.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 

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5 tips on hiring a seasoned wedding photographer 5 tips on hiring a seasoned wedding photographer

Professional photography is one of the most essential parts to your wedding day planning.  It is one of only two forms of capturing and remembering your wedding day.  Photography and video.

Photography is the most visible part of the day that you have the option to look through your wedding album, online gallery, printed photos, or creating wall art.

When choosing a seasoned, professional wedding photographer consider these five key elements:

1) You want quality images from your engagement and wedding day.

Experience with all types of lighting, locations, and the entire process from start to finish, no matter the location, season or time of day of your wedding and bridal photos.

Someone who knows their camera and how to use it
in all types of locational settings whether it is inside or outdoors, a sunny summer afternoon or evening setting, or a unique situation with various types of lighting.

Someone that uses the best quality choices if you desire a wedding album, prints, canvases, acrylic or metal art in your home.

2) You want a reliable photographer.

A professional is going to be on time, be there to work the entire time, and not make it a personal social event. They will be prepared to deliver what you want and make sure your day goes smoothly because they will have asked the important questions about your day beforehand so you don't have to worry that something will be missed. You can enjoy your day secure in the knowledge that your day will be captured right with the best experience possible for you.

3) A seasoned professional knows what to expect.

Whether you have an outdoor wedding, Lutheran ceremony, Catholic ceremony, or at a wedding venue, they have worked with many officiants, pastors, priests, and online certified individuals.  They work with a venue coordinator both at the ceremony location and reception location.  They know the timeline for the day and make sure to work with everyone to keep you from running behind or rushing through the entire day.  Plus understand the guidelines that each may require because they have been through this many times and they will have confidence in any situation given to them.

4) Stress less means you celebrate more

A professional will provide you security knowing that they will provide you quality, results you are wanting, and showing up for the wedding.  Their commitment to making your day fun, enjoyable, and stress free because it is priority number one. The less you have to be involved in decision making, the more it will allow you to go with the flow and embrace the day you both share together knowing that you have a photographer that has you covered.

5) This is your wedding day, the only one, make it count!

You will have the photographs for the rest of your life, there are no do-overs. You are only going to wear your wedding dress once and that is on your wedding day.  All the time you put into your wedding, the vows you will exchange, and the time you will have with your spouse celebrating with grandparents, close family, and friends that are going to be captured by your photographer. Choosing someone that has all that has been mentioned will ensure you have it covered. Make it count! Make the memories last forever and have your wedding be the best day ever!

Seasoned 23 year Wedding PhotographerPaul D Manke Photography




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Missing Piece is Found Missing Piece is Found

Once in a while you are simply blown away by the story of a bridal couple. And it is not like I knew the story when they booked me to do their wedding or even at the engagement session. 

Side note, my blogs are from my heart and what is in my thoughts, as if I am telling the story in person.  I can not say that I am the best blogger writer but I can tell a great story (in person).  And I will certainly try to convey this story in words.

We did the engagement session at Devils River Campground. I had never met the couple in person, they booked over the phone due to living outside the area.  When Cole got out of his car he was wearing a suit.  I thought to myself, this can not be my couple, this has to be a wedding couple considering it was a Saturday session.  I asked if he was Cole and he said yes. My look gave away my thoughts as to him wearing a suit and he said to me, 'what, people don't dress up for their engagement session?'

I replied to cover my thoughts and soften the situation, 'not like you do, you look awesome!'

Later I would find out that he takes a lot of pride in how he looks, which is awesome to work with at the wedding!

Fast forward to the wedding in December, it just snowed the night before and gave us a beautiful morning with lightly snow covered trees which I was really hoping it was stick for our bridal sessions later that afternoon after the ceremony.  The sun came out and made that all disappear which was unfortunate but we had some great looks to make their photos still look amazing.  The love these two shared showed in their video and photos during our bridal session. 

We started at Colburn Park off 9th street in Green Bay, WI.

Our session continued at the Titletown District next to Arien's Snow Hill. We captured more of the love they shared in video and photos. And still at this point did not know their story.  Many thoughts from the engagement session and on the wedding day was swirling around to how did these two meet and what was their story. 

After the session, and braving the cold temperatures, we headed over to the reception which was hosted by the Green Bay Distillery.  

The story came together during the speeches when both Maid of Honor, Best Man and Cole's Sister shared their thoughts of a man that is so positive and supportive. Someone that said, 'who is she and I want to meet her'.  Their story started right then and there from mutual friends. Living miles a part and battling a sickness that Jana went through, Cole was there the entire time.  He even moved to Milwaukee to take care of her, be with her, and be the man that he is.  Where when things get tough, not many people would be so supportive or even stick around. Cole even picked up everything and moved 120 miles away to be with Jana, support her, and continue this amazing story they have together.

It is so hard to tell this story in writing, and unless you were there to hear the speeches and learn about their love story, fighting back tears during the video and photos, it is one of true love and support.  And what is even more amazing is that they share their love with their daughter that stole the show many times during the wedding day. It is not every wedding that has a hidden story like these two share.  One with unconditional love, happiness, and enduring qualities that a lot of couples do share, but a story that is so true and rewarding to learn about.

Jana & Cole shared a story with me during the video and photos that I will remember for the rest of my life. One of not just getting married but one that has a love that burns deep, a support that is unwavering, and as they danced to their first dance singing together I could not help fighting back tears again.  

These two are simply amazing.  And their first dance certainly summed up their entire story! Their missing piece has been found. Nothing can break them down!


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3 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer 3 Pro tips on what you will need when finding the right wedding photographer!

Thank you for visiting. I hope that this video helps you out when reaching out to a wedding photographer!

The purpose of this video is to help you be prepared to have a successful connection when reaching out to your list of wedding photographers that you potentially want to hire for your wedding day.

1) Have your base

Having not only your wedding date secured but providing the ceremony and reception location is important to make sure that you have nothing change that would result in searching all over again.  When you send out an email or message on social media, you want to start with having the base so that you can make sure the date is available and then you can continue with the rest of the information that is important to share with that wedding photographer to make sure you are not going back and forth with messages and creating a long drawn out conversation that may lead to frustration and wasted time.

2) What do you want covered

Having an idea on how much coverage you want on your wedding date will fall in line with what is your budget for your wedding photographer.  Most traditional wedding coverage is between 6-8 hours of coverage. However, if you are thinking to have hair and make up coverage this will add 2-5 hours on a wedding day coverage depending on what time your H&M is scheduled in the early part of the day.  

If you are thinking to have coverage past the first dances which is usually 8p, you could add hours of coverage that extend into 9p or 10p. 

Here is an example of a traditional wedding day coverage:

Ceremony time is 2p

And dinner is 6p

Coverage typically would start an 1.5-2 hours before the ceremony to get details, getting ready, having time for a first look with dad, and not feel rushed before the ceremony starts.

Coverage starting at Noon and finishing shortly after the first dances at 8p.

You may be thinking on  all day coverage from hair and make up thru the first dances or even later into the reception. 

Providing this information for your potential wedding photographer will get you more precise results as to what their services will cost. 

Have a budget in mind as to what you are willing to hire your wedding photographer and even share that with them.  Most wedding photographers will have their packages listed on their website or on a price card. Just asking for their general prices is generally a NOT good idea.  Your day could be only looking at 3-5 hour of coverage.  Or you may find that your coverage is 9 hours, where does that fall into their package pricing? Plus if you are getting married on a date that is on the off season between November and April. Pricing may be different specially if your budget is a little tighter.  Having a phone or face to face conversation with your potential wedding photographer is key to find out what they will be willing to do for you specifically for your wedding day, because not all weddings are the same and could find you saving some money.

3) Reach out over the phone or in person with your potential hire

If you are not able to meet with the person you might hire, set up a phone co
nversation after you have made the initial email or contact with them.  After they have replied that they are available for your wedding day, the location works for them, and the budget fits within what they can do for you, set up that phone conversation to get to know how they interact with you and what answer the questions you might have for doing your wedding.  They will most likely ask you questions about your day that you may not have thought to ask.

Face to face is the best result in potentially hiring your photographer.  M
ake a list of your top 3-5 photographers that you would like to meet with after the initial contact.  Meeting with them will either give you a vibe that you want to work with them or not.  It is important that your day is the best day ever and meeting with them will ease your mind that on your wedding day you feel comfortable with the person that you have hired.

For more information, please check out the video that I have created to go more in depth of finding your wedding photographer!

Finding a Wedding Photographer


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