Missing Piece is Found

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Missing Piece is Found

Once in a while you are simply blown away by the story of a bridal couple. And it is not like I knew the story when they booked me to do their wedding or even at the engagement session. 

Side note, my blogs are from my heart and what is in my thoughts, as if I am telling the story in person.  I can not say that I am the best blogger writer but I can tell a great story (in person).  And I will certainly try to convey this story in words.

We did the engagement session at Devils River Campground. I had never met the couple in person, they booked over the phone due to living outside the area.  When Cole got out of his car he was wearing a suit.  I thought to myself, this can not be my couple, this has to be a wedding couple considering it was a Saturday session.  I asked if he was Cole and he said yes. My look gave away my thoughts as to him wearing a suit and he said to me, 'what, people don't dress up for their engagement session?'

I replied to cover my thoughts and soften the situation, 'not like you do, you look awesome!'

Later I would find out that he takes a lot of pride in how he looks, which is awesome to work with at the wedding!

Fast forward to the wedding in December, it just snowed the night before and gave us a beautiful morning with lightly snow covered trees which I was really hoping it was stick for our bridal sessions later that afternoon after the ceremony.  The sun came out and made that all disappear which was unfortunate but we had some great looks to make their photos still look amazing.  The love these two shared showed in their video and photos during our bridal session. 

We started at Colburn Park off 9th street in Green Bay, WI.

Our session continued at the Titletown District next to Arien's Snow Hill. We captured more of the love they shared in video and photos. And still at this point did not know their story.  Many thoughts from the engagement session and on the wedding day was swirling around to how did these two meet and what was their story. 

After the session, and braving the cold temperatures, we headed over to the reception which was hosted by the Green Bay Distillery.  

The story came together during the speeches when both Maid of Honor, Best Man and Cole's Sister shared their thoughts of a man that is so positive and supportive. Someone that said, 'who is she and I want to meet her'.  Their story started right then and there from mutual friends. Living miles a part and battling a sickness that Jana went through, Cole was there the entire time.  He even moved to Milwaukee to take care of her, be with her, and be the man that he is.  Where when things get tough, not many people would be so supportive or even stick around. Cole even picked up everything and moved 120 miles away to be with Jana, support her, and continue this amazing story they have together.

It is so hard to tell this story in writing, and unless you were there to hear the speeches and learn about their love story, fighting back tears during the video and photos, it is one of true love and support.  And what is even more amazing is that they share their love with their daughter that stole the show many times during the wedding day. It is not every wedding that has a hidden story like these two share.  One with unconditional love, happiness, and enduring qualities that a lot of couples do share, but a story that is so true and rewarding to learn about.

Jana & Cole shared a story with me during the video and photos that I will remember for the rest of my life. One of not just getting married but one that has a love that burns deep, a support that is unwavering, and as they danced to their first dance singing together I could not help fighting back tears again.  

These two are simply amazing.  And their first dance certainly summed up their entire story! Their missing piece has been found. Nothing can break them down!



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