Please read this over and have information ready for when we schedule your session


1) Please provide date(s) and times that you are open to do the session.

Key points to think about when booking your session.  

Most are an hour long and usually one to two locations depending if you are looking for two different looks like city and natural look.

Multiple locations usually has us 30 min at each location with drive time in between.

Best times are the evenings because of lighting. 

Typically spring & fall session, we book times starting around 5-6p with sunlight ending around 730p

​​​​​​​Typically summer booking times start at 6p at the earliest with sunlight ending around 830 or 9p

Fall colors are typically the 1-3 week in October and book quickly.  

If weeknights do not work we can look at doing a Sunday.

2) Let me know how many outfit changes you are wanting to do.

​​​​​​​I recommend 1-2 outfit changes @ 30 min with each outfit.  If we do 3 then you will be looking at around 20 min per outfit change.


3) Preparing me for your session is important

If you are planning on bringing your dog, make sure the locations we do go to allow dogs.

If you are planning anything extra to have in the photos, please let me know and provide samples that you are looking to create with the add options.  With innovative creations in making invitations and or save the dates on line, adding signs or objects seem to take away from the style that I typically capture and suggest using the tools in creating awesome media with what is out there.

4) Let me know what kind of location you would like

Let me know if we are going to be doing the session in the Green Bay Area, Appleton area, or somewhere closer to where you like. This is important for scheduling travel time.

Let me know what kind of back ground you would like such as a rustic barn setting, fields, wooded, pines, city look, water look, or a specific state park or location your are fond of. IF you are thinking on doing the session on someone's land you will need beautiful location spots for me to work with meaning that there needs to be at least 5 locations that we can use that will make your session turn out great. I may need to visit it or see photos of where you are thinking to do the photos.  Many times that we have done them on personal property, the session does not always lend to a great session.  

We should collaborate on locations that would work the best. I will provide suggestions that will fit what you are looking for keeping a fresh look for your session compared to the most popular locations that many photographers only go to.  New locations are awesome and making the normal locations look uniquely yours.

5) Finally, make sure that you are booking at least 30 days out as dates and times fill up fast.  Fall sessions will have to be booked by middle of Aug to ensure a date and time are workable for everyone.