Thank you for considering having Paul D Manke Photography a part of your life event!


What defines the photography style from Paul D Manke Photography? Traditional and classic that stands the years to come. Captuing your moments as you want to remember each stages of your childrends lives! Let's start with the maternity session.  Oh, yes, I do maternity.  And what I would love to put together is your vision with mine creating a glamourous session along with the special details.  

After your little one is born you have so many options out there with baby photographers. I have some recommendations if you are looking for the traditional 3-4 hour session that creates those special poses that are simply precious. Expect to pay $250 and more for those sessions.  However if you are looking to capture something simple with newborn props, newborn outfits, and family session I do them a little less becasue the session is usually around an hour.  Please make sure that we are between feedings and naptime if you would like some sleeping newborn photos.

We can then start the legacy program that captures the 3/6/9/12 months plus holiday themes along with that.  

Once your children start walking and adding more family members we can now go to the traditional family session with start at $60 for the a 30 min session.

IF you are looking to have an extended family session which includes grandparents, siblings and their families we can set up a time do capture that! 

What seperates my photography from others is that we focus on having a relaxing, organized, and patient experience.  Yes, I have a lot of patience to capture the little ones.  But what also is unique is that we are focus to show off your images on the wall.  I mean, that is why we are taking the photos right? To show them off not only on social media but in your home! Each session is designed to have your favorite to be displayed on the wall.  Consider that you are paying for the sitting fee to cover the time to do the session but also figure to spend another $100 to put one or collage of photos on you wall.  We can dicuss some great options that would look the best and be timeless!



Maternity/Newborn/Children & Family Session fee

$125 @30 min

$200 @60 min

$250 @90 min

$300 @120 min

All session require to have full payment at time of booking via Venmo.  You can arrange to pay cash.  Sessions can be scheduled indoors at the studio or outdoor location.  You will get all the images edited and delivered via online gallery where you can download your images to share on social media, order your enlargements, and share with other family members.  Print release will only be for 4x6 and 5x7 images.  Our 8x10 pricing is $5, very competitve with the best labs out there.  We offer metal images along with acrylic images that are timeless and look amazing on your wall!

You can purchase full print release for all print order for $75 which is good for the calendar year.



Starting a family, please consider a Legacy Program~$500 

This includes all stages from Maternity, newborn, each milestone afterwards thru 2 years of age. IF you breakdown each session fee to add them up as a mimumum over 2 years you are saving easily $500.

Tyical session each Legacy Parent takes advantage of is a 30 min maternity session, 90 min newborn session, 30 min session at 3/6/9/12/fall session and age 2. 

This will include all your session fees waived, print rights for small images only, social media share, and legacy album to share all the images from maternity thru age 2.  This includes family session, holidays, and location indoor or outdoors. This covers one child and added to the package for another child is $300 if you decide to have another.  If your newborn has siblings, sibling sessions will be billed at a prorated rate.

To set up your session, you can email me at [email protected]