Wedding Packages

How do you want to remember your wedding?

Most of my couples have taken the time to sit down with us and discussed their wants for the timeline, photo location preference, and how they invision their day! We go over the timeline to make sure that you both feel relaxed knowing the day will have a good time flow and that you will not be taken away from your wedding the entire time.  You want to remember your day and not spend all of it taking photos! We want to make sure you get the looks you want and have a lot of fun in the process!

Lets connect today and set up an in person consultation! And if you are not in the N.E.W. area we can certainly connect on the phone! 920-366-3512

Signature Packages

$2300 & $2800

$2800 Signature Package

10+ Hours of Coverage

Whether you would like the hair and make up thru first dances, or 2 hours before ceremony thru later in the evening, we have you covered.  


$2300 Traditional Wedding Package

The avg coverage for a wedding is about 8 hours.  This is a great package for those who are looking to have their ceremony midday, whether we do first look and bridal photos before the 4pm ceremony or plan on a 1pm ceremony and doing some locations in between!

We start about 1.5 to 2 hours before the wedding getting the details that you would like of jewerly, shoes, flowers and dress hung thru the first dances or 845pm


Both Packages include 

Engagement Session ( Value Priceless)

Free Prints (Print credit of $400 Signature/ $200 Traditional)

Custom Wedding album ($200 Value)

Jump Drive of edited wedding photos (typically 100 per hour is average)

Second Photographer* (up to a $800 Value)

*Second photograph always photographs with main photographer as a team giving you different angles and looks.  Second will be determined on time, location, & other wedding day factors.

Simple Coverage

$200 Hour

1-2 Hours $300

3-4 Hours $700

5-6 Hours $1200

7-8 Hours $1700

(Pay Entire balance at time of booking and save 20% off)

Single Photographer

Whether you are doing a small ceremony at the courthouse, park or even at the home or wanting 8 hours of simplistic coverage and packages;  we can cover any type of wedding you are planning on having!

Engagement session Included

Jump Drive of your edited wedding images plus free prints, a $25 print credit for each hour booked!