What are Print & Copy Rights?

The photography world has changed in the past 20 years that I have been doing wedding photography! When I first started with film, I gave the negatives to my couples.  They would go to a professional lab in the local area and were taken care of professionally with print color correction, professional photo paper and received the best prints from the photographer! Most of my colleges had kept the negatives and sold prints. 

Digital came along and those same labs changed to digital delivering the same service as with film. However, Walmart, Walgreens, shutter-fly and other 'cheap' services came along that did not cater to professional prints but to those who are doing vacation, family, or their own personal photos.  If you prefer to use these labs and this to purchase the print release we can work out that in the package. I will waive all responsibility on how they will turn out thru those labs.

The professional world of printing took a turn and recently the professional labs have come back around with competitive pricing and awesome print quality! Photographers that value providing the best for their clients are using these labs! And some are going back to the way of not giving out a jump drive at all!

Print rights are designed to control where the printing is going to be done with a particular lab. Print rights need to be given out in order to print at any lab as the photographer owns the print rights.  To help make sure that you receive the best representation of my work, I have set up a gallery where all your edited images are shared for your to order your prints! The gallery will be up as long as you like to have it up. Typically 6-12 months will the gallery stay up as long as there is some activity with the gallery.  Most couples will order within 90 days from their wedding. After that it becomes more of an after thought and usually forgotten.  We encourage you to get your images with in that 90 days! 

The gallery that I use has an awesome lab! The pricing is competitive  helps my business continue to grow through the print sales, and also ensures you are getting the professional prints you expect!

5x7- $2


IF you prefer to print at any lab of your choice you can purchase the print rights for $300 above and beyond the wedding packages! 

Copy Rights are reserved to the photographer, and it is usually never released. Why? Because doing editing have those images could go against the brand the photographer is looking to share with potential couples.  Altering the images are considered illegal to the law.  The photographer can make adjustments for you, but doing them yourself can result in legal issues. Make sure that you have that conversation with your photographer!

You also have the option to buy print credit!

Pay the amount you wish to spend on prints and get another $100 free prints.