Paul D Manke Photography



After we have a converstaion about your timeline, locations, and what you are looking for this is what we need to move forward:

~Wedding Form~

This form I will email you and you can fill out what you can, send it back to me right away! The form will have your basic information for me plus your invoice with the dates when things are due. All payments should be recorded on your end to match up with my end.  I have a lot of couples asking what the balance is.  Please keep track at home to know where you are at with balance. Venmo is the best way to track payments, plus it is easy and FREE!


Depending on what package you decide to go with, the form with the invoice will have things set for you to follow on our agreement.  

Traditional Packages will require $1000 down.  I understand that most couples do not have the $1000 at the given time so I have set it up for you that you can pay $300 initially and the rest in payments that works best for you within 90 days. The due date will be stated on the invoice.

All Retainers are non refundable.

~When is final payment due?~

Final payment unless stated otherwise on the form will be 6 months from the wedding month and will be stated on the form/invoice. 

~When do I get the jump Drive?~

My turn around time is quick and will have the jump drive mailed to you within a week or two after your wedding.  I will have a teaser posted on the FB page, along with the gallery uploaded and shared with you within in that timeframe!

~Wedding Album~

If you have a package that includes the wedding album or you wish to get the wedding album, we need to complete this process within 2 months after your wedding.  We will talk about this in the final consultation to get an idea of style that you would like. Plus discuss the easiest process on choosing the photos you want for the album. You will get a preview of the album on line before I order it. 

ALL WEDDING ALBUMS MUST BE ORDERED WITHIN TWO MONTHS AFTER YOUR WEDDING DATE. IF I have not received the selected images after your wedding in that 2 month timeframe, you could forfiet the wedding album.