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Would you go shopping for your wedding ring online or in person at a jewelry store? Finding your wedding photographer could be considered the same process. Emailing and seeing if your date is available is a great start, but wouldn't it be better to talk on the phone or in person to the main person that will be with you literally the entire day?! 

Personality, professionalism, and an understanding of the entire wedding day is an important feature in your wedding photographer! Someone that understands the timeline and can collaborate your vision with our vision of how to make the photos of your special day stand out from other photos you may have seen on social media! That is what we do! We go over the timeline, locations, and discuss how your day will be stress free and fun! We guide you through the entire process! 

Let's have a conversation on the phone or in person. We’ll give you $100 off your wedding package for doing so! Plus, you will get more information that will help ease the stress of looking for a wedding photographer because we are simply looking to make your day the BEST EVER!



The Process


The process is pretty straight forward! We discuss what your day would look like, how many guests you are planning to invite, how many in your wedding party, what time and where the ceremony will be, and finally what time and where the reception will be hosted. We discuss the timeline in order to make sure you are not being rushed and can get all the photos you want without taking too long and taking you away from your guests! We discuss locations that would make some SUPER AWESOME PHOTOS! Plus, with our complimentary engagement session, as a bonus we would be able to get familiar with how we direct you for your wedding day and learn more about the two of you! We want to personalize your experience! We are not just here to push the shutter button! We are here to create photos that you will want to share on social media and showcase on your walls!


It’s not all about price...ok, maybe a little! Consider this, wouldn’t you like to know that you are putting your trust in a professional that has a great rapport with your vendors, brings enthusiasm the entire day, can share some creative ideas that no one else has, and will help you through the entire process of planning your wedding day?!! A perfect example is that this is not our first wedding! I have been doing this for 22 years, averaging 40 weddings a year so I know how most weddings flow! We keep things moving and focus on getting all the important photos that you expect! We not only look for what the lighting conditions will be for the day, but also how the weather could be a factor and adjust quickly to make sure you are not roasting on the hottest summer day or freezing by standing around during a winter wedding! We make suggestions, take requests, and we make sure that you are happy with your experience! That is what it’s all about...MAKING YOUR WEDDING THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

We have done our research and know that you are getting one of the best! Ask your vendors! Look at the reviews on weddingwire, knot, or even on my facebook page! Not only do we take pride in capturing consistently great photos the entire day, but also in taking care of you, your family, and guests!

Here are the links for the Wedding Packages. IF you do not find what you are looking for we are willing to listen and talk about how we can customize a wedding package that fits your needs! A simple phone call or in person consult will help us know what you are looking for and allow us to find the best package or custom package for you! We love doing weddings and WE WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR DAY!

Thank you for reading through the information! Here are the packages and galleries! I hope to have a conversation with you and hopefully be your wedding photographer!


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